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Henderson’s Line-Up is a family-owned auto service center that specializes in handling, suspension, steering and braking in RVs, trucks, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Steering column parts, truck suspension kits, motorhome shocks and car towing equipment are a sample of what we work with. We'll even address performance issues to help you get the most power and better mileage out of your vehicle.


Henderson's Line-Up offers a variety of suspension, handling and braking products for trucks, motorhomes and trailers. Not only do we offer our own SuperSteer line, which is designed to address specific steering and handling problems, but many other manufacturer's products that we have tested extensively and can recommend with absolute confidence. In this way, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive approach to solving their problems.​


Henderson's Line-Up is an authorized dealer for Roadmaster tow bars, anti-sway bars and other products; Koni shock absorbers, SuperSprings, Pacbrake exhaust brakes and air suspension, Banks, Safe-T-Plus, MOR/ryde, 5th Airborne 5th wheel hitches, Trailair suspension and more.



    • by Cinn
    • July 15, 2020
    This is a testimonial for Robert Henderson of Henderson’s Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon. I've been a happy customer since October 2018, when I had an RPA (road performance assessment) done, rear trac bar & sumo shocks installed, and my existing Safe T Plus adjusted.

    I had an appointment scheduled for Monday this week (7/13/20) to check the Safe T Plus again, get the rig weighed and talked about some more rear suspension upgrades. However, my generator stopped working over the weekend during 90 degree weather in Medford, and I decided that needed to be my first priority Monday morning. I contacted Robert by email to see if anyone at his shop was a generator specialist. He immediately contacted someone he knew in the Medford area and patched us together in a 3-way call. His colleague, Tim Clevenger said he could come to my campsite Monday morning to diagnose the issue.

    Robert called on Monday morning and offered to come to my campsite as well, to make the Safe T Plus adjustment and inspect & discuss the rear suspension, so that I would not miss my appointment at his shop! First Robert showed up early and began his work, and then Tim arrived and was able to miraculously free up the seized generator! I was able to pull out of there with the air conditioner back on and continue on my trip.

    Talk about going the extra mile for their customer, Robert is the BEST! Do not hesitate to use their services. Read all about what they do in this article:


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  • We definitely recommend Henderson’s Lineup to anyone thinking of suspension upgrades. Rather than hit or miss, they drive with you to make recommendations specific to your RV. They are great people too!

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  • We had known about Henderson's Line-Up through meeting Robert and Michael at various events, but when we broke down on I-5 just north of Grants Pass, we were able to take advantage of their services. They were able to get the repair done, and, while we were there, we decided to get the Road Performance Assessment done as well. We took their recommendations of corrections to make to the bus. The rig drives so much better! We highly recommend Henderson's Line-Up!

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  • We contacted this business for a Road Performances Assessment. This also included weighing the loaded rig and confirming the correct tire pressures. The feedback from the assessment identified some of the issues we had noticed as well as some that we thought were "just the way it rolls". Scott provided us with a number of options to help address the identified issues. We could choose the steps we wanted to take initially and some that could be done later. We were very pleased with the end result of changing our bell cranks, adding Safe-T-Plus stabilizing,installing motion control units, rear sway bar, and replacing the shocks with Koni shocks. Next time in the area we may get the alignment checked. Since we had this work done at the end of March the ride and drive have been so much better. There is no more constant need to center the rig. Also when going over those curbs that would have had us swaying back and forth the movement is dampened by the motion control valves. We were pleased with the people we dealt with and the work that was done.

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  • Over 20 years ago, Robert Henderson's class at an FMCA rally helped us understand some of the reasons why our Winnebago Class A did not handle well. A visit to Henderson's Line-Up made that 27' Chieftain a dream to drive. When we bought our 37' diesel pusher, we knew some of the upgrades that needed to be done and ordered our parts from Henderson's.

    Over the years, we became accustomed to some minor handling issues, as we crisscrossed the US. When new tires didn't eliminate a freeway speed vibration, we took a trip to Henderson's.

    The road test with Eric confirmed the noticeably sloppy steering and steering wheel vibration, as well as highlighted the rebounding and bouncing on uneven roads that would hurl any neglected items completely off the counters.

    Pete spent the better part of the day replacing our worn out steering box (took two of them to lower that massive thing to the ground), which took care of the sloppy steering. The four wheel alignment eliminated the vibration I felt at highway speeds.

    The most amazing thing was how our coach rode after the installation of the four motion control units, to help our airbags better control bounce and sway. No more rebound bouncing as we went through construction zones and over poorly patched country roads.

    And most telling of all, on our last day of travel coming home, I forgot to gather all of the shower items together into their travel basket. Heavy winds, winding mountain roads with multiple 6% grades and a liberal sprinkling of 50mph "S" curves would have normally bounced every bottle and accessory onto the shower floor. I took a photo of the over the shower rack still holding shampoo bottles, bar soap, nail brush, etc. My razor was still perched on the little corner shelf!

    Thank you Robert and Barbara Henderson and all of the geniuses at Henderson's Line-Up for making our coach safer and also ride better than new.

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