We are a family-owned after-market parts supplier, primarily, to the recreational vehicle, pickup truck and commercial vehicle market. We specialize in building and distributing parts to improve handling, suspension, steering and braking capabilities.


We see ourselves as a solutions center, offering a variety of products designed to address specific steering, handling and safety concerns. Steering column parts, truck suspension kits, motorhome shocks and car towing equipment are a sample of what we work with.


The family business began in Grants Pass in 1961 as Henderson's Line-Up. We have been serving the local market by solving steering and handling issues for local customers ever since. Over the years, certain steering and handling issues became common, so we developed a line of superior after-market parts that not only corrected those issues, but dramatically improved overall performance and safety.



  • For a long time I felt that our RV was a poor design and it was, but after installing a few suspension part that Henderson’s Line Up recommended my ride was improved and the RV does not swerve side to side on the road or pushed sideways by passing trucks. When we purchased the RV the chassis design was limited so what it was built on was what you got. I felt this RV was not safe to drive the way it was. After some research and talking to Robert Henderson I made the investment that would bring our RV to very comfortable ride. I should have done this a few years ago.

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