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    36.3391, -116.5996



Come enjoy a FREE ASTRONOMY PRESENTATION on February 22, 2020, with GeoAstroRV.com.  Each presentation will be for one evening. However, we will reserve two additional nights to find the best weather for each presentation. The first night scheduled is Feburary 22nd and the next two night for reserve.

You can boondock with us or drive over for the evening. Presentations will occurr at a boondocking location known as "The Pads", which is about 20 miles south of the Furnace Creek Visitor Center on highway 190.

In order to give everyone a great show, these events are limited to fifteen attendees each.  Sunset is at 5:30pm.  If driving, plan to arrive around 5pm. 

Obviously, the viewings are subject to how clear the skies are each night.  Therefore, we're offering the three possible evenings and will keep you updated in the comments below.  Please check back often.

Not able to make this one??  No worries - check out the other UPCOMING GET-TOGETHERS to find something nearer to you.  If you still aren't able to make one work, create one of your own by clicking on this FORM and RVIllage CONNECTOR will help you! 

36.3391, -116.5996