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Tactical Tuesdays Firearm Safety and Selection virtual

Warren and Alice

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    08:30pm - 11:00pm Eastern Time




The First in at least a three part Tuesday night series on firearms and RVs. This is not just for beginners.  Not just for gun people or those thinking about adding a firearm to the toolbox.  Tactics are more important that tools.  What do I mean by that?  Why does the crash rate for pilots rise after 2,000 hours of experience?  Come find out...

There are no secret squirrel tricks.  The difference between the beginner and the world class shooter is in the degree of execution of the same exact steps and procedures.

Part 1 Safety, did you know high school football is more dangerous than the shooting sports?  You are more likely to die playing football in HighSchool than participating in any of the various target competitions.... Why ?! come and find out.   We will also cover many diferent types of firearms and some of the pros and cons they bring as self defense tools, especially in an RV.  They are not, and should not, be the only tools you have.  Just because you have a gun does not mean you are armed.  Just because you have a gun does not mean you are safe.  The most common defense firearms have a failure to stop the bad guy rate of about 13%...  Why?   What can I do about that?  Why did the FBI change their guns or ammo 3 times!?  Start with Part 1

Part 2 Week 2?  The Legal use of Deadly force and some considerations to think about.  What's Preclusion?  The rules of a gunfight... Most know rule number 2, very few know rule number 1, and fewer yet know rule number 3.   Come learn them all and how to do rule number 1, why rule number 2 is only lip service to most, and why is rule number 3 important.

Part 3  Week 3? The secret squirrel tricks we all need to know.  How proper form impacts execution. the brain and why practice is important.  Will you be in the 40% that freezes, the 40% that panics or the 19% that is functional and can respond to a threat...?

Presenter is Warren Abbott

Intercollgiate National class shooter (the old sharp eye days)

Current NRA certified instructor, Range Officer and Reloader (make your own ammo)

Current Prepermit safety course instructor for Onondaga County NY

Practical Pistol Competitor:  IDPA, USPSA type

Glock Level 4 qualified   only by .01 seconds LOL !

Previously certified IDPA Safety Officer and USCCA instructor

RVer, Farmer, Father and Husband believing on The Lord Jesus Christ

For bandwidth sake please check out my powerpoint embbed presentation video clips ahead of time, extra points if you pick out my mistakes on my shooting video.  If they don't work for you over zoom, you will already have seen them.


my channel there is apples73 

Invite your friends, anyone you think has interest... See you Tuesday