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  • BoomBoom
    BoomBoom: September 9
      · via mobile
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    • BoomBoom
      BoomBoom September 9 Our new to us 95 BMC. Looking forward to rolling some miles on soon.
    • BoomBoom
      BusBum September 9 BoomBoom, Nice coach, though I am partial to these... Safe travels
  • Jerry & Danilo
    Jerry & Danilo:
    January 26We went to Lake Tahoe a few years back. I just stumbled upon this picture and thought I would share.
  • HippyGypsy
    July 14, 2018Exploring bus conversion option - 28'-30', off-grid capable, and insulated for ALL climates... Concerns; engine, chassis, leaks, maintenance considerations, insulation especially concerning windows. Thanks for any advice and/or suggestions.
  • D AND Y
    D AND Y:
    October 1, 2017Disappointed with Good Sam Roadside assistance program. I had a blow out on a tag axle just a few miles from home. They will only pay to change A MOUNTED SPARE TIRE.. If you need an old tire removed and remount a new tire, you will pay most out of pocke...  more
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    • D AND Y
      BusBum October 3, 2017 D and Y, you do not have to change wheels, you use the same wheels all you do is buy the tires... join the Michelin advantage program and get Michelin’s and BFGoodrich tires much cheaper, I get the BFGs for about $400 each mounted and balanced!!! Ar...  more
    • D AND Y
      BusBum October 3, 2017 Also, you would only have to get new wheels if you want to with the 315 75 x 22.5 they need 9” rims
    • D AND Y
      D AND Y October 4, 2017 Now, I am a little confused. A 12R 22.5 tire on an 11R22.5 rim? Will have to look into that more.   I saved the contact site for coachnet. Will be looking into it. Thanks. 
    • D AND Y
      D AND Y October 5, 2017 Now I got it... The Rim or wheel size,  is 22.5, according to the guy at the tire shop, and an online search.  The 11 and the 12 refer to something about width aspect ratio Tire stuff...  May go with the 12R next time...
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    • D AND Y
      Alandarson December 18, 2018 Good Sam is for trailers and 5 th wheels. Coach Net is for motor coaches. .
  • BusBum
    September 27, 2017You might try a local school bus repair service, there are school bus service in Fargo, if you do a google search you will find a few...
    • BusBum
      Deborah & Aaron Thompson September 27, 2017 Thanks for being so helpful! If you'd like to have your reply show up in the original posters comment, simply find that post and click "Comment" underneath it. Then you can type your response there and they will get a notification that you replied to thei...  more
  • Leonard
    September 27, 2017A little HELP, please! I have a 1989 Bluebird All American FE gasoline school bus conversion with an Allison MT643 transmission. I arrived in Fargo, ND Sunday for the Sugar Beet Harvest. I limped into Fargo and my tranny died. I will be working the harves...  more
  • Finally Free
    Finally Free :
    June 9, 2017Our 1990 SP36, "Greener Pastures" (because we sold our farm in Maine to hit the road full time, always looking for them). See you at WOG 2017!
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    • Finally Free
      Button&Loops June 12, 2017 That's a lovely looking bird - I absolutely adore the colour! :-)
    • Finally Free
      Jim & Edith Inks - Ain't This A Trip August 5, 2018 That’s a beautiful Bird!
  • Cross Creek Jon
    Cross Creek Jon :
    May 1, 2017The Rally in Maggie Valley is on at Cross Creek
  • Bill Tracy and Dexter
    Bill Tracy and Dexter:
    April 26, 2017On our way to the WOG "Birds at the Beach" Rally in Myrtle Beach, SC
      · via iPhone
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    • Bill Tracy and Dexter
      Button&Loops April 26, 2017 We couldn't make it, but we will be at the Pine Mountain Rally later this year :-)
    • Bill Tracy and Dexter
      Bill Tracy and Dexter April 26, 2017 Awesome! We will be there. Send me a link to your blog when you get a chance.
    • Bill Tracy and Dexter
      Button&Loops April 27, 2017 Great - we always love meeting other Birders! :-)
      You can link over to my blog if you want to keep tabs on us -
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