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Tiffin Allegro Club (193 members)

Owners of Tiffin Motorhomes both gas and pushers.

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  • Nancy & Don Berry
    Nancy & Don Berry :
    New chapter formed last night👏. North Texas Allegros!
    • July 13
    • · via iPhone App
  • Rolling Wheels
    Rolling Wheels:
    GPS UPDATE KENWOOD DNX571TR. I’ve clearly missed a step, so I’m seeking experienced input.
    Update was purchased and loaded on micro SD card. Inserted card in unit, but no onscreen instructions appeared ??
    Attempted to set destination for trip, “No map ...  more
    • May 23
    • · via iPad
  • Chick & Debby
    Chick & Debby:
    We are in our 3rd week at Red Bay RV Park. We had our express bay service done and we are VERY happy with the completed work at a reasonable price. We had an appointment with Bay Diesel the next Tuesday and they took REAL GOOD care of us at a reasonable...  more
    • April 16
  • Jim & Debbie Tome
    Jim & Debbie Tome:
    Is anyone going to the TIffin Allegro Rally in Goshen, Indiana in mid-May? If so, would you like to join up for dinner or cocktails?
    • April 10
  • Becky & Mike
    Becky & Mike:
    Another question regarding a 2018 Alegro Red 33aa. When opening the microwave/convection oven door an AC overload fault is triggered on the inverter and power is lost to the coach. This happened on our first outing with this coach. It was a problem whe...  more
    • February 26
  • Becky & Mike
    Becky & Mike:
    Just transitioned from an Allegro Open Road to a Red 33aa. Has anyone figured out how individually turn on and off overhead lights instead of turning on and off a whole section at a time?

    • February 26
    • Becky & Mike
      Preston and Betsey Head lights automatically stay on in day time for safety.
    • Becky & Mike
      Chris and Jenny G interior lighting-
        I have not figured out how to do that without re-wiring switches.  Good question for Red Bay.
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    • Becky & Mike
      Mark Duprey- Cynthia Duprey Are you all familiar with the Face Book page for Tiffin Open Roaders and the Tiffin Club? You may want to check them out. Great responses to concerns and questions. Hide 1 Reply
      • Becky & Mike
        Michael&Marilyn Many of us don't like those pages because people keep replying to a post with something that has nothing to do with the OP.
  • Bill & Cheryl
    Bill & Cheryl :
    I'm sure this question has probably been asked/answered numerous times, but here goes: This will be our first visit to Red Bay, and we're heading there the middle of next week for some non-warranty work. We're aware that non-warranty work (I think it's ca...  more
    • February 24
  • Larry & Polly
    Larry & Polly:
    '15 34TGA, anyone have trouble with their flooring? Ours scratches and dents real easy. Seemingly easier than the cheaper Class A we traded in for our Allegro.
    • January 18
    • Terry & Diane likes this.
    • Larry & Polly
      Terry & Diane We have the same issue in our 2017ua36
      • January 19
  • Collins and Shawn
    Collins and Shawn:
    Any local Allegro Club Chapters in the Acadiana/Lafayette Area or Louisiana in general?
    • November 12, 2017
    • · via iPhone
  • rab
    rab :
    If you could help driver window will not go back up and at same time combo washer dryer is locked and wont turn on all breakers are ok
    • October 27, 2017
    • · via mobile
    • rab
      Jay & Lynda Clark Hope you contacted Red Bay Svc center first.