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Gear Up For Your Adventures with Road Gear Reviews! We're a group of full time RV travelers with over 15 years combined experience on the road. We all have different travel styles ... see more

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  • Michael & Terri
    Michael & Terri:
    March 10Hello we are new members and new owners of a Class C motorhome. We are looking for a GPS ap or system that we can use that has height restrictions etc. Any help is greatly appreciated
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  • Drifter
    Drifter :
    May 15, 2017 The danger and hazard of low clearances is something we all fear. GiraffeG4 [] claims to have the answer for trucks and RVs.
    Anybody out there have this product on their RV and if so, what kind and where at??? I'd love to he...  more
    Collision Alert & Overhead Protection System by GiraffeG4
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    • Drifter
      Mortons On The Move June 3, 2017 Thanks so much for sharing this! We hadn't heard of this product before, but will work on getting our hands on one to do a in-depth review for you. Have you known anyone with one of these?
    • Drifter
      Drifter June 3, 2017 You get seconds notice as long as the lead vehicle is shorter than what your towing. On a Class A or C, it has to be wedge shaped.
    • Drifter
      Mortons On The Move June 3, 2017 Yes I see what you mean. Unless there was some way to suspend it out in front of the RV at a lower level...Will have to talk to the company about it. Might be primarily a fifth wheel and travel trailer thing. 
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      • Drifter
        Drifter June 3, 2017 I have a Class A Outlaw which is tapered. Would only be useful in creating under fuel station apronsto check unmarked heights. I carry a pvc pole (sectional) to check clearance of aprons, tree branches, etc.
  • Mortons On The Move
    Mortons On The Move:
    April 11, 2017Welcome to Road Gear Reviews! Let's talk about our favorite travel gear and help make informed investment decisions. Gear Up For Your Adventures!
  • Marc & Julie Bennett | RV Love
    Marc & Julie Bennett | RV Love :
    April 11, 2017Our first video review for Road Gear Reviews was on the Outland Portable Propane Firepit - out favorite way to enjoy a campfire safely and without the smell and smoke of a regular campfire. It also means we don't need to carry wood which can get heavy, bu...  more
  • Josh & Kali | The Freedom Theory
    Josh & Kali | The Freedom Theory created a new group:April 11, 2017
    Road Gear Reviews
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