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Self built and factory built campers on the Promaster platform. Experiences, advice, and hints to share as well as adventures and travels together. Transits, Sprinters, and all oth...

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  • Irishi
    July 2Looking to travel with a group or caravan to the Northwest this Fall
  • Rob's mom
    Rob's mom:
    June 29Building a 2017 promaster campervan. Started August 2018. Planning to go fulltime March 2020. 😬
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    • Rob's mom
      EXPLOREAZ June 29 That sounds exciting!
    • Rob's mom
      Rob's mom July 2 Exciting, scary and a lot of work.
  • Valerie78
    Valerie78 :
    February 21We will be spending a night at the Charleston KOA on Friday...looking forward to seeing a little sun and being able to explore outside.
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  • Valerie78
    Valerie78 created a new group:February 17
    Promaster Campervan
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