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Ages 50-65. (not a requirement) Retired, no children. Ready to enjoy the fruits of our labors, meet fun friends, play pickleball, hike, bike and stay active!

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  • TiffaNick
    March 4Hi. I'm 45. Definitely a Gen X'er. My husband is 65. Definitely a Boomer, but all of the kids are grown. Sometimes they come back. We have a house in PA and one in AZ. We RV back and forth between the two and usually never go the same route twice. Not sur...  more
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    • TiffaNick
      RVitaville March 4 You guys fit both ends of the spectrum, but you fit! This group is for the energetic retirees who don't go to bed before 10:00pm :D :0)
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    RVitaville created a new group:February 23
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