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Genealogists on the Road (152 members)

For people visiting cemeteries, tracking down physical addresses from old census records, finding 3rd and 4th cousins, re-tracing pioneer roads, and generally re-visiting the past ... see more

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  • Phil & Nita
    Phil & Nita:
    We love researching while we are on the road. We stop at a lot of research libraries along the way, especially if we know that our families went through the area. That is a great way to find where ancestors were buried and where those old cemeteries were....  more
    • September 3
  • wannavolunteerft
    New to group and new to genealogy research. Have been using Find a Grave along with other random sources. In November, I will be visiting first cemeteries that are new to me. Open to suggestions, especially as Find a Grave makes a family link that I am no...  more
    • September 3
    • wannavolunteerft
      Charlie & Marjie Krull You say you are a beginner, but you have already learned to question secondary sources. I have a cousin who actively contributes to Find A Grave and, providing information that cannot remotely be ancestress who lived, died and is b...  more
      • September 9
    • wannavolunteerft
      Shirlene and Kevin is the best resource for cemeteries. It walks you all the way to the stone. 
    • wannavolunteerft
      Jim and Janine Moffitt I looked uo and it is a pay site whereas findagrave is a free site. I would say findagrave is a better site. I also looked up my mother and father and their data was all from SSI data. Did not show where buried or even what state their g...  more
      • November 23
  • rajefferies
    Hello! New to the group and to full-timing! We love driving through new places and documenting cemeteries! We use Find A Grave, but am interested to see what other resources others are using along the way.
    Currently in ND (Bismarck and Minot).
    • July 28
  • Vickb42
    New to this group but working off and on on my family history for years. Right now I am using Arkidigital for Swedish family, and Family Search for the family in Canada, Missouri, and update New York. I also manage trees for a couple of fri...  more
    • April 29
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    • Vickb42
      NelsonsRus Thanks Vickb42. My husband's family is Swedish and I did not know about Arkidigital. I will be looking into this right away.
      • June 13
    • Vickb42
      Vickb42 It is a paid site but not very expensive.  Unfortunately it is in Swedish but still is the best site for tracing your ancestors.  The Swedish kept excellent records.
      • June 14
    • Vickb42
      Phil & Nita We love visiting the major and sometimes smaller Genealogy libraries scattered around the country. Always find something we didn't expect!!
      • July 28
  • Charlie & Marjie Krull
    Charlie & Marjie Krull :
    We will continue to have our Genealogy workshops at Sumter Oaks RV Park through April 30th. We meet from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm on Mondays in the Office Club House. Our format is flexible depending upon the needs and interests of those attending. Whether...  more
    • March 29
  • Land Traveler
    Land Traveler :
    I am new to this group and have a love for doing my family history. I use www. Ancestry. Com a lot and have found a lot of my family through that sight. I also use the LDS Family Search as I am one. I have been trained as a family consultant I my church. ...  more
    • March 8
    • · via mobile
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