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If you're into fly fishing, please join. My wife and I are avid fly fishers. We visit the San Juan often, as well as the Conejos and other NM/CO streams and rivers. This is a place... see more

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  • Kris and Mark
    Kris and Mark :
    We are heading west over the summer starting from FL then to the RVillage rally in IN. From there we go to WI and pick up hwy 2 and on westward. I hope to do a lot of fly fishing.
    • 18 minutes ago
    • · via iPad
    • Kris and Mark
      GeneC Are you planning to go after any Pike w/flyrod in WI? We're planning a trip up that way next year to do just that. I'll secure a guide though since I have no idea where I'm going and can't bring my boat with me. I wish they made a 5th wheel that had room ...  more
      • 11 minutes ago
  • Russ & Lisa Ambrose
    Russ & Lisa Ambrose:
    Hello everyone. I am new to the group and love to RV and fly fish! I am the Tennessee Valley Regional Coordinator for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, we provide physical and emotional therapy to veterans through the art of fly tying and fly fishing.
    • 1 hour ago
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    • Russ & Lisa Ambrose
      GeneC Welcome aboard! I'm brand new here too. I heard about Healing Waters through the club I belong to (AZ Flycasters). Sounds like you're doing a lot of good things.
      • 32 minutes ago
    • Russ & Lisa Ambrose
      Kris and Mark Great program. We work camped in Jamestown KY at the fish hatchery. Great fly fishing in the stream leaving the hatchery. This really close to the TN boarder. 
      • 16 minutes ago
  • JoanneAndBob
    Welcome, Gene. This group is pretty sparse in postings, but hopefully that will change. We're going to concentrate on Colorado this summer, having been in Montana most of last summer. Of course, there will be trips to the San Juan on the menu as well.
    • February 8
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    • JoanneAndBob
      texastwostep I tried fishing the Rio Grande near Creede this year with limited success.. Problem is the landowners own the river bottoms in Colorado so fishermen are basically limited to public access points which really puts a lot of pressure on the fish. I prefer Wy or Mt
      • February 9
    • JoanneAndBob
      texastwostep Why does the screen keep jumping away from my posts when I type?
      • February 9
    • JoanneAndBob
      GeneC Thanks JoanneAndBob and Texas. I haven't fished in CO yet but I heard it's good. Wyoming and Montana kinda have me spoiled when it comes to trout. I'm looking forward to getting back up there. I'll tell ya another place that's good is southern Utah - the ...  more
      • February 15
    • JoanneAndBob
      Kris and Mark Also consider the middle Provo River between Park City and Heber Utah. Green drake hatch is amazing to fish.
      • 14 minutes ago
  • GeneC
    Hello everyone. I'm completely new to RVing and RVillage - first post here. My wife and I love fishing and I'm a dedicated fly fisherman so of course this is the first group I looked for. One of the big reasons we bought our RV was so we could camp closer...  more
    • February 7
  • John & Paula Clary
    John & Paula Clary :
    Anyone have any experience with the Deseutches near Lapine State park?
    • June 29, 2017
    • · via iPhone
    • John & Paula Clary
      Jeff & Wendy Never fished there. Let us know how you do
  • texastwostep
    Heading for Idaho and fly fishing in the mountains in central part of state. Maybe Payette River. Bought my pontoon boat just in case.
    • June 4, 2017
    • · via mobile
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    • texastwostep
      John & Paula Clary Interested in how you do. Will be in Paulette in September.
      • June 22, 2017
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