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Tell us about the pro's and con's of your experiences, tips, benefits, and about the people you meet in your stays. Reviews are welcome but try not to bash!! Feel free to add photo... see more

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  • Andrea & Larry
    Andrea & Larry :
    Has anyone camphosted at River Island State Park in Arizona? We are looking at possibly camp hosting there this Winter
    • 5 hours ago
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  • Mary and Rollie
    Mary and Rollie :
    Beautiful day off (70/50) and the black flies are gone! Just mosquitoes now but I can deal with that. Our little workamper enclave; office on the left, our 5th wheel on the right.
    • May 30
    • · via iPad
  • Mike & Marsha
    Mike & Marsha :
    Court Square RV Park in Mountain View, Ar. 870-214-1781 is looking for a work camper for the season, FHU, wifi and cable. Great place to spend the summer enjoying the scenery and music.
    • May 15
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    • Mike & Marsha
      John n Kay Grew up in this area.  Used to go to Summer Camp on Lake Ft Smith, (early 60s).  My Mom n Dad and several generations also grew up here or in Van Buren.  You would not go wrong in this part of Ark.
  • JnCWestHo
    JnCWestHo :
    Pet Peeve......doing some site clean up this morning after an active weekend and found sites “littered” with tie wraps, cigarette butts, pop tops and candy wrappers. Got really irritated when I when to the garbage cans, every 3 sites, and found trash on t...  more
    • May 8
    • · via iPhone
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    • JnCWestHo
      Swtpea Some people never heard of it and have no brains!!
    • JnCWestHo
      Mike & Marsha Thank God I seldom have that problem
      • May 8
    • JnCWestHo
      John n Kay My biggest issue is dog crap.  Do folks honk Fido doesn't have to go #2?  Clean up after your critters folks!! Hide 2 Replies
    • JnCWestHo
      Must have fun Mike & Pam That’s camp hosting at times
      We were at a CG in FL and the so called campers left raw garbage build up in a pile from the weekend not in sight from the road
      • May 9
  • Debbie & Jeff Miller
    Debbie & Jeff Miller:
    Our Camphost gig at Delaware Seashore State Park
    • May 8
    • · via iPad
  • Tracy99
    Does anyone know of camps looking for winter positions in AZ area.
    • May 4
    • · via mobile
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    • Tracy99
      George and Sally Check out

      There are three in today listings.
    • Tracy99
      John n Kay Even one in Q.
      • May 4
    • Tracy99
      Paul & Doris Cunningham Check out or
      • May 8
  • LaurieJo
    LaurieJo :
    Golden Eagle RV Park in Eagle Nest, NM (17 miles from Red River) is looking for at least one more workamper couple to start ASAP!!. My husband and I have been here a week. The owners are AWESOME and the park has a...  more
    • May 3
  • Franny
    Franny :
    Hs anyone worked for the KOA outside of Hinton Alberta, on the Jasper Park border? I got offered a position there for the summer.
    • April 30
  • Randy and Sue
    Randy and Sue :
    new question,,,, best so far this year,,,,, when informing campers on a Saturday morning about excessive noise on Friday night,,,,,, WAIT HERE IT COMES,,,,, WAIT,,,,,,,, you mean quiet hours are even on the weekends?,,,,,, come on guys and gals,,,,, lets ...  more
    • April 12
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    • Randy and Sue
      Doug 'n Linda Better question, why didn’t someone from the campground talk to them Saturday night. ? Hide 2 Replies
      • Randy and Sue
        Randy and Sue because no one let us know until the next morming
        • April 13
      • Randy and Sue
        John n Kay Or better yet, why didn't someone tell me!!!
        • April 16
    • Randy and Sue
      North Point Pointed South (formerly Lou N Kathy) That happens frequently...especially if there’s quite some distance from Camp Host to noise makers.  And, I’m sure the rules don’t say “Friday and Saturday excluded”.  Some people.
  • Larry and Suzette
    Larry and Suzette :
    Virginia state camp host openings, "
    Howdy Camp Hosts!

    I hope all is well out there and your spring is off to a good start.

    I have a few openings to offer out:

    April - Kiptopeke Camp Host (can do the last half of the month)

    May - Douthat Whit...  more
    • April 11
    • · via mobile
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    • Larry and Suzette
      Lanky007 awesome information for this Virginia Gal.....maybe next year when our 9 month tour is complete
      • April 13
    • Larry and Suzette
      Larry and Suzette Virginia state parks
      Hello hosts-

      May and June at Westmoreland have just opened up for camp hosting. Please consider one or both months if you are available.

      Email me or call with questions, or to sign up.

      Than...  more
      • April 26