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RV-Dreams Community (1,152 members)

RV-Dreams began in 2005 as a resource for those contemplating changing their lives and beginning a new chapter living and traveling in an RV full-time.   It was started by H... see more

RV-Dreams Community Feed

  • Drumseller
    November 26, 2018Hi all!
    Sorry to sound ignorant, but I am new to the RV world, and I have an issue. I don't want to "pick up and move" from my site, but if I run out of propane, can I get an "extended stay" connector and hose, and simply put some propane into my RV from ...  more
    • Drumseller
      Landyachty - Jim & Peggy November 26, 2018 Yes, there should be a port on or at your LP tank for that, just need the connector and hose. If unsure if doing it yourself a small RV repair place can do it.
    • Drumseller
      Susan November 26, 2018 I have an additional tank (larger than the ones used for grills) that I use with a gauge so I know how much propane is left. 
    • Drumseller
      David and Kim B January 24 Some RV Parks have a propane truck come to you. Ask at the office.
  • MovingonWithMargo
    November 25, 2018It is that time again for those of you visiting the Phoenix/Mesa area for the holidays. My famous "Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit" FREE workshop is happening in the Zuni Room - Dec 5th 1 PM - at the Mesa Spirit Resort (3020 E Main, Mesa). It ...  more
  • Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David)
    Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David) :
    August 14, 2018When and where is the next reunion rally planned? Would love to meet up with some fellow RV-Dreamers.
    • Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David)
      RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda) August 14, 2018 Nothing planned as of now. We usually don't do them every year, so I would look for one maybe in 2020. 
    • Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David)
      Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David) August 14, 2018 I'll keep an ear out. Safe travels to you guys. Hope our paths cross soon.
    • Landmark Adventures (Cheryl & David)
      Laurie Zacco August 15, 2018 Keep us posted on a reunion rally too!!
      We are “doing it”!!! We left our house June 27th and have rented our home for 2+ years !!!! We are seriously homeless and loving it!!!!
      Theresa & Laurie
      PS. Check our journey out on YouTube at Emp...  more
  • Russ & Terri Ranger
    Russ & Terri Ranger:
    August 13, 2018Following the Spring 2018 Education Rally we continued eastward for a tour around the US. Today we finished our 120 day trip and have returned for a month to Tacoma, Washington. We drove 7,345 miles and put another 5,000 miles on our CRV visiting sites....  more
  • Elizabeth Ann Marie
    Elizabeth Ann Marie:
    April 29, 20181st official trip of the season in our new(ish) RV! Just an overnight in Swartswood State Park NJ (12 mi from our home lol) but we couldn’t wait to get on the road. We are 1st time RV owners & will be taking several trips like this over the next 2 months...  more
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    • Elizabeth Ann Marie
      joe and Helen April 30, 2018 D hey your not alone out first trip 5 years ago was a whopping 15 miles. Best to start that way get use to what need to be done. Then we decided 15 miles was a little short so we went to Montana from NC . Enjoy your time RV'ing is lots of fun.
  • Steve & Linda Guthrie
    Steve & Linda Guthrie:
    April 29, 2018Just finished the spring educational rally and loved it! So much information my head is swimming! Best part is that I don’t have to remember it all. The book we were given at registration has it all documented. Love that we met so many new friends. Lo...  more
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    • Steve & Linda Guthrie
      RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda) April 29, 2018 Thanks for sharing. It was a pleasure meeting you.
    • Steve & Linda Guthrie
      Bill and Kelly Murray April 30, 2018 It was great meeting you guys! Keep in touch!
  • OurNomadicJourney (Chris Angie & Cody)
    OurNomadicJourney (Chris Angie & Cody):
    April 29, 2018Completely enjoyed the RV-Dreams Spring Educational Rally! We met so many incredible people and learned so much - even as experienced RVers. The Rally was priceless!! Thank you to Howard & Linda for your graciousness! And, we look forward to seeing all of...  more
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    • OurNomadicJourney (Chris Angie & Cody)
      RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda) April 29, 2018 Our pleasure and it was wonderful meeting you. We'll think of you every time we hook up our Jeep to the motorhome.  :)
    • OurNomadicJourney (Chris Angie & Cody)
      Tom&Lori April 29, 2018 We loved meeting all 6 of you and enjoyed being your neighbors! ! Can't wait to see you in a few months!!
    • OurNomadicJourney (Chris Angie & Cody)
      Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal April 29, 2018 That's how we felt when we attended 2 years ago. Still using the knowledge learned there. Kudos Howard & Linda.
  • Dream Reachers
    Dream Reachers:
    April 15, 2018I hope you enjoy your new rv. Downsizing can be a challenge.
  • RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda)
    RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda):
    February 27, 2018Hi Everyone,

    As many of you know, we are having a Boondocking Rally in Quartzsite, AZ March 5 - 12. We will be located north of town off of Plomosa Road. Though the Rally is sold out, any RV-Dreams fans in the area are welcome to stop by for a day visit ...  more
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    • RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda)
      Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal February 27, 2018 Would love to be there, alas, we are somewhere else.  fm alumi  Tenn 2016
    • RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda)
      Robbie & Alice February 27, 2018 Shucks, just missed you.  We're headed the other way..will be at Saddle Mountain.
    • RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda)
      Bill and Kelly Murray February 27, 2018 Looking forward to seeing you guys! We plan to arrive on the 4th so if you need any help with anything let me know!
    • RV-Dreams (Howard & Linda)
      Lola N Rush Songer February 28, 2018 We had hopes to be there  but health is more important. Got to go back to Doctors and have some checkups done. We didn't do them last yr. so we have to do them before our long journey to Alaska. Yall have fun as we know yall will.
  • Louise
    Louise : December 24, 2017
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