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Organizing ideas (206 members)

Share ideas related to storage and organizing in your RV. Everything from storage down below to making the most of the scant closet space! Share what works for you!

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  • RandomBitsRV
    RandomBitsRV :
    Here is my latest closet organizing strategy. I'm not good at organizing, so it's a trial and error thing for me. Hopefully, this time will do the trick.
    • September 11, 2017
  • NubianNomads
    NubianNomads :
    We begin our full-time RV life soon (May) and cannot wait! I hope we meet some of you along the journey. Plus, I am an organizing freek!
    • March 7, 2017
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    • NubianNomads
      RandomBitsRV Congratulations!  It's such an exciting time.  Can't wait to see your organizing ideas.  I'm not so organized, so I need all the ideas I can get.  Can't wait to follow your journey!  Safe travels, Dawn    Hide 1 Reply
      • NubianNomads
        NubianNomads Thanks Dawn!  I can't wait to get to the container store.  Many RVers find stuff there.
        • March 12, 2017
    • NubianNomads
      Reddove I am in container store rehab i go nuts in that     Ikea also has cool stuff to Hide 1 Reply
      • NubianNomads
        NubianNomads Hahah Let us know how the rehab goes.. we may seek your council in the future! lol.
        • March 21, 2017
    • NubianNomads
      Reddove I can so some restraint till they send me new sales
    • NubianNomads
      Russell & Linda Plastic containers are an addiction. Can't help my self. Really useful boxes full of really useful boxes. My whole life is organized in plastic.
      • April 17
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