Marine Retirees

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Marine Retirees (37 members)

Marines who went the distance and live to enjoy it. The great RV life. Semper Fi

Marine Retirees Feed

  • Gary & Edi Koss
    Gary & Edi Koss :
    September 13"Semper Fi" JLMeyer ,welcome to RVillage & group. Glad to have y'all with us.
  • JLMeyers
    September 13New to your group. Retired January 1975 w 20 yrs service. Have been RVing since 1970 off and on. Located in North Central Florida. Mbr of SMART, military RV group.
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    • JLMeyers
      RVillage CONNECTor September 13 Thanks for your service. Wishing you continued safe and happy travels!
    • JLMeyers
      JLMeyers September 13 Thanks
  • TravelwithT
    March 8Anyone interested in joining us in the Greek Islands Sept 2020 we have a few Marines on board?
  • Chuck&Cheryl
    Chuck&Cheryl :
    November 13, 2018Marine, retired in 1997, currently working at Bay Pines VA. Hoping to go full time some day. Just waiting on social security and the wife to say yes.
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  • Terry and Donna Mehl
    Terry and Donna Mehl:
    November 15, 2017Belated, but Happy Birthday Marines.
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    • Terry and Donna Mehl
      Steve & Jen Boland November 15, 2017 Ty. You too
    • Terry and Donna Mehl
      RambleOn November 16, 2017 Happy Birthday Devildog!
  • Wendy and Don
    Wendy and Don:
    August 2, 2017Hi. I'm a retired MSgt. Retired in 1988 and retired from federal service in 2015 after 20 years. Vietnam 70-71 Danang with VMO-2 (OV-10's). Fairly new to RV'ing. My wife just retired from 36 years of teaching and we start our first road trip in 2 weeks wh...  more
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    • Wendy and Don
      Doug & Anita August 4, 2017 Hey Don and Wendy, My wife and I are also retired MSgts (2004 and 2003). She is about to retire again from Civil Service in March '18, I'm just a beltway bandit contractor and can bail out anytime from my second career. We had a little better period that ...  more
    • Wendy and Don
      Wendy and Don August 4, 2017 Hey guys. Glad to hear from you. What beltway bandit do you work for? I retired civil service 2 1/2 years ago after my career in the Marines. I worked on the F/A-18 program in Lemoore. Both as military and civilian.
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