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Group Info

Group Owner: Mike and Donna Wagner

Group Moderators:
Hank & Shirleen
Date Created: 14 June, 2015







This group is for Elks Lodge members.  Our mission is to add more Elks Lodges with RV facilities or parking to the RVillage map/database.  Elks are encouraged to join us and share current information about the Lodges with RV parking or facilities.


Why is the Park "Feed" important?

When you "Change Your Location" to an Elks Lodge RV Park, and "Join" that park, you can then post comments about the facilities at that Lodge in the park "Feed".  That information will then be available to others who want to visit that Lodge and are looking for information about the facilities.


If you only post your comments on the Group "Feed", your comments will not be attached to the"Park Page Feed", and be more difficult for others to find in the future. 


The Group map will show where other RVillagers who are members of this Group are camped - which may or may not be at an Elks Lodge.  There is no specific map on RVillage that will show only Elks Lodges.  The Main Map on the Home page will show all RV Parks in any area selected, including Elks Lodges, if the "Park" button is clicked after choosing a "Destination".


The goal of this group is to add Elks Lodges to the RVillage map, using the "Add a Missing Park" option, so that as we travel we can find other Elks Lodges easily, and connect with our fellow Elks RV'ers. Please only add Lodges that do accomodate RV parking.


Here is the way to name the missing lodge:

Elks Lodge Town ST #----

Use a two letter abbreviation for the state. The State shows up under the listing, not always on the first line. The request you fill out is completed by the RVillage staff within a day, and you will be notified when it has been done.