Healthy Foodies on the road

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Group Info

Group Owner: Allen and Paris Golec family

Date Created: 07 April, 2016

At the young age of 5 months our daughter was injured and post injury encephalopathy. This injury caused multiple issues with her environment, developmental delays, allergies, and chemical sensitivities among many other things. 

I set out on a mission as a mom and a previous career professional to find out what happened to my child.

I then decided we would not live in the past but move forward to the future.

I have found that she has not only healed from many of the adversities that plagued her but has thrived. 

We need a healthy immune system in order to thrive. In order to do this we must eat healthy. We travel for her rehabiliattion now going on 7 years. The past 2 years have been full time.  

This group is about finding healthy food ( organic, natural, farm stands, markets, Co ops etc) along the road, in stores, and off the beat and path. 

Please Introduce yourself, share why you are here. Share also what you would like to take with you from this group. Feel free to post healthy recipes, locations of healthy food. If you grow organic, natural, or co-op please feel free to share this as well.