Travelling with Anxiety, Depression, Etc.

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Group Owner: beyondskp

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Date Created: 05 June, 2018

Open to friends of, family of, and people who live with depression, anxiety, etc. diagnosed or undiagnosed, treated or untreated, medicated or unmedicated.  All are welcome.

The group owner, @beyondskp,  is, at the time of this group's creation, President of the Greater Hartford Chapter of DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance). Our chapter is expanding its services to include nomads on the road full or part time, regardless of home location or current location.

This group is to support each other and discuss issues relevant to us. Let's use the guidelines of DBSA support groups to keep this a safe and reasonably pleasant place for all.  


Welcome to Travelling with Anxiety, Depression, Etc., an RVillage group sponsored by Greater Hartford DBSA, an independent affiliate of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance! We are led by and created for peers—individuals living with mood disorders—and that experience informs everything that we do. Another distinction of peers is that we are not physicians or other type of mental healthcare provider. Being peer-run makes our tagline, “We’ve been there, we can help,” a reality. Our mission is to provide hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who live with mood disorders. My name is Joanne, and I will be facilitating discussions in this group. I am here as a volunteer and a person with a mood disorder. This is our group, and I am not here as the person with all the answers. My role is to simply keep our discussion on track and to help maintain a productive environment. To do that, I may occasionally ask a question, make a comment, or help move discussion along.


Share the air

Everyone who wishes to share has an opportunity to do so. No one person should monopolize the group time.

What is said here stays here

This is the essential principle of confidentiality; it must be respected by everyone.

Differences of opinion are o.k.

We are all entitled to our own point of view. We are all equal We accept cultural, linguistic, social, racial, and all other differences and we promote their acceptance.

Use “I” language

Because we don’t participate in discussion groups as credentialed professionals, we can’t instruct. We can, however, share from our own personal experiences. For example, instead of saying “you should do X,” say “when I was faced with a similar problem, I . . .” We should always frame our comments in the context of our own experiences.

It’s o.k. not to share

People don’t have to share if they don’t want to. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make the discussion group a safe place to share

We respect confidentiality, treat each other with respect and kindness, and show compassion.