Dialysers in RV's

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Group Owner: Raul & Julia Villaronga

Date Created: 09 May, 2019

I am 81 years old, USArmy retired, and an RV'r for over 35 years. Recently suffered total renal failure. Now require daily Dialysis for 10 hours. I refuse to let this issue stop my traveleing. Interested in exchanging ideas and experiences concerning trips, disposal of waste, supplies, resupply on the road, storage of supplies, etc.

I drive a 2007 Winnebago Journey and tow a 2008 Cheverlet Avalanche. My wife and I travel with two spoiled dachsunds. I follow the Fighting TexasAggies in Football, and plan to attend all home games as well as the road games with Arkansas, Ole Miss and LSU.