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Group Owner: Homes On Wheels Alliance -- HOWA

Date Created: 01 June, 2019

We are trying to prevent many Seniors, the working poor, and people with disabilities from falling into being truly homeless and living on the streets. Our mission is to help them to live rent-free by providing them with vehicles in which to live. For whatever reason, America has evolved to become a low wage nation with very high costs of home rent or ownership. For many of us, that means we can no longer afford to live and pay for a roof over our head at the same time. Being forced to decide if I will eat or pay the rent or electric bill is a common experience in today’s America. That horrible choice is especially true for seniors who are on a low fixed income from Social Security. We believe we have a solution for them!

This group is for anyone interested in being in the conversation, helping, needing help, being a part of the community, wanting to connect with others, or just for cuz. We are glad you are here.