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Group Info

Group Owner: Monapiper

Date Created: 27 November, 2019

Hello Everyone, my name is Mona I live in an RV that I remodeled I did vidoes of 90% of the build out. I did 99% by myself ! I have esperience in the field as I am self-employed 28 years painter, Decorator seamstress, I can build, Paint, sew just about anything. 

 But what I can't do is sit on this computer hours on end while my legs swell where they cause me pain. I do not like the computer. Although I know the computer, I know software I know how to design. I know how to learn on the computer. But that's not where my talent is... I am in the process of creating my utube channel. I am learning how to put information and pictures on the chanel. I watched some editing videos. I do not like to do that I'm slow I want help. So that's why I thought I would create a bartering chat group. I can trade my services to whomever that knows how to make videos. Yay!

 For example: If you want your place to be painted cabinets, walls, I am an expert at doing that and enjoy what I do and with repetition which means the job gets done with cleanliness, with professional work ethics. I design all sorts of things. I make curtains, covers, wallpaper. My specialty that everyone will disre to have custom counter tops with out taking them out!! The designs are unlimited.. I have gutted my bunk house room and made it my office. With all that said, my idea of this group would be if you have a talent or a service to offer and you need somthing done that you just can't do or don't want to do. Post it here git it out. let's talk about it. I have some pictures I wll post so you can see my work. 

Oh, and hey there  should not be a problem with any of us meeting together because we live in our moving homes. Thanks Mona