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  • TheHubers
  • Randy & Sandy Wetzel
    Randy & Sandy WetzelNational Park Fans:
    December 17, 2018Joshua Tree National Park. Another fabulous park. We stayed at the Elks Lodge in 29Palms and visited the Oasis Visitors Center to get our information.
    You buy the Ranch tickets there, Thursday - Sunday. Very interesting 1.5 hr tour of the Keyes Ranch, wh...  more
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    • Randy & Sandy Wetzel
      TheHubers December 17, 2018 Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree were some of my favorite places to visit when I grew up in So. Cal.
    • Randy & Sandy Wetzel
      Kathys outdoor adventures December 18, 2018 Great information!  Thank you, we are headed that way the week after Christmas. I do not know anything about the ranch. I have never heard about it. Ill have to google for more information ...  more
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  • GreyHairLady
    March 13, 2017I just got back to Quartzsite AZ from JoshuaTree CA. It was beautiful.
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    • GreyHairLady
      Curtis (RVillage Founder) March 13, 2017 all these photos are amazing. My fav is the lake. :-) (I LOVES me sum Joshua Tree).
    • GreyHairLady
      FPOOLE (Roaming ROG) March 18, 2017 Where'd you find the Lake???  is that at Jumbo Rocks??  didn't see it there, but didn't really look for it.. 
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