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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • Catgoss
    Catgoss wrote a new blog entry:October 17
  • MovingonWithMargo
    MovingonWithMargo wrote a new blog entry:August 24
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    • MovingonWithMargo
      pokeysRVadventures August 24 Great tips for new RVer's looking to purchase.
    • MovingonWithMargo
      KM4WCG August 25 I followed all but the first one. I live in my camper and it was designed more for the weekend warrior. 

      But, I got it at half the value so at least there's that. 

      Great tips and awesome advice. 
  • MovingonWithMargo
    MovingonWithMargo wrote a new blog entry:August 23
  • Glen And Sheila Williams
    Glen And Sheila Williams shared The RVillager's blog. August 22We just purchased a Monaco Cayman XL 35SBD. Any other same owners with thoughts or comments. We are first timers looking for ideas as to as to what we may need to be doing to prepare to travel.
  • AimeeMarie
    AimeeMarie wrote a new blog entry:May 23
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    • AimeeMarie
      diazrotts August 8 They have portable fencing for rvs, so dogs are safe outdoors, seen a few of them, just size for your dogs full size.
    • AimeeMarie
      diazrotts August 8 My girl is like a 60 lb cat, no undercoat and sheds like a cat, in TX she loves to lay in the sun
  • MtoTravels
    May 19Has anyone here recently boondocked in New Mexico in the last few weeks and if so, did you have any issues with the lockdowns. I am trying to head that way and looking for the most current information I can find to plan my route. Thanks. Oh, yes, I als...  more
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    • MtoTravels
      TheClearyClan May 19 On the home page under the map is a pinned post for a list of places that are open. Here is the drill down for New Mexico. I did a quick scan and saw at least one BLM site listed. blog.rvillage.com/rvillage-list-of-open-rv-pa...  more
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      • MtoTravels
        MtoTravels May 20 Thanks Bob. Will definitely check it out.   I did have a friend tell me that he followed the open BLM site listing only to get sent away from a supposedly open dispersed camping area after one day.  Seems like the county police do not always wor...  more
    • MtoTravels
      Pete&Marci May 24 We boondocked in NM about 6 weeks ago with no oroblem THEN. Found some great spots: Red Cloud Canyon (Forest service) -south of Corona - quite a few choicesces beyond the closed FS campground. We also enjoyed the spectacular Mills Canyon in Kiowa G...  more
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      • MtoTravels
        MtoTravels May 26 Pete and Marci, thank you so much for this detailed info and will check these locations out now.  Heading to NM tomorrow and can't wait to leave this Texas heat!
  • F.Frees
    F.Frees shared The RVillager's blog. April 15Never thought this life changing day would come.
    Now that I have my 21 ft. Jayco I have to wait for the CV-19 ban to be lifted so I can sell out the household goods n back on the road..
  • Stop Corrosion BEFORE it Starts

    Friction between your LP Tank and Tank Rack can degrade the protective finish and allow rust to form. This rust can destroy your tank rack and even transfer to critical surrounding components of your RV. Rack Saver is a pressure-sensitive, self-gluing gasket that covers the lip of any LP tank to prevent corrosion caused by metal-to-metal contact. Installs in just minutes!

  • Catgoss
    Catgoss wrote a new blog entry:February 19
  • Tony and Margie
    Tony and Margie wrote a new blog entry:January 26
  • RVkayaker
    RVkayaker wrote a new blog entry:October 14, 2019