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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next
    The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next Jack's Pack- Fans of Jack Huber:
    February 20My "Photo of the Week" consists of some bright red wildflowers that enjoy an ocean view. I know, flowers can't enjoy anything, or can they? No matter, I enjoyed the view just fine...

    As always, please click the link to see the clear, full-color photo a...  more
  • The Blackshear’s
    The Blackshear’sYou Me & the RV:
    July 11, 2020#ymrv #ymrvred #todayissomeday #RED
    Spent a week in sunny and 75 San Diego. Looking forward to catching a rally if you come to the west coast! Today is someday!
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    • The Blackshear’s
      Phil and Stacy July 12, 2020 Love it!  Those shirts look great!  Can we use this pic on our blog and or video??
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      • The Blackshear’s
        The Blackshear’s July 12, 2020 Absolutely! Love following you two. Can’t wait for your next adventure!
  • Built to create happy campers!

    The Airxcel family is comprised of unique, purposeful, and expertly curated RV brands and products that heighten the RV owner’s experience. High-end cooking appliances, ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems, exterior systems, and RV windows and shades. Learn more about the Airxcel family of brands at www.airxcel.com

  • Phil and Molly Nix
    Phil and Molly Nix You Me & the RV:
    June 19, 2020Enjoying my new shirt and a good cold one with my son in law, who is serving in the Air Force. Thanks to all who serve and haved served!
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    • Phil and Molly Nix
      Dempsey June 19, 2020 Thanks for serving. I'm a 32 year DAV.
    • Phil and Molly Nix
      Audrey Wisham June 20, 2020 Thanks for serving.
    • Phil and Molly Nix
      Willard’s with a view June 20, 2020 Thank you for your service!
    • Phil and Molly Nix
      Phil and Stacy June 20, 2020 OMG! I love this pic!! Is it ok if I use it in a video or on other social media!! Thanks for #RED
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      • Phil and Molly Nix
        Phil and Molly Nix June 21, 2020 Yes that would be great! My wife wanted to get me a shirt for father's day but missed deadline. She didn't know I ordered one.
  • Canotesinred
    Canotesinred has added a new profile photo.August 30, 2019
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    • Canotesinred
      Canotesinred August 30, 2019 #RED
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