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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next
    The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next Southern Trails RV Resort:
    November 27, 2020Here's my park review on a less-than-stellar campground in Middle Georgia:


    #parkreview #campground #georgia #interstate #south ...  more
    Park Review- Southern Trails RV Resort (Unadilla, GA) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next
      RicU November 27, 2020 Excellent and accurate review. The noise would be a major problem to most but longer residents would be more accepting because of the cost. In fact, longer term would be thankful for affordable housing. You are welcome to your thoughts but should remember...  more
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    • The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next
      RicU November 27, 2020 You would have a field day with the owner occupied camping places in northeastern Pennsylvania.
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  • The wandering whites
    The wandering whitesHoliday Rambler/Monaco DP (Diesel Pushers):
    May 15, 2020Traveling down towards the Blue Hill Mountains in the Carolina's this June. Anybody have any great spots for camping. Not looking for "kid" friendly. But we do want to set up one tent along side of our Coach.
    That's in advance
    • The wandering whites
      Cinn May 15, 2020 See: https://blog.rvillage.com/rvillage-list-of-open-rv-parks/#North-Carolina and blog.rvillage.com/rvillage-list-of-open-rv-parks/...  more
  • Say Goodbye To Blow-Outs!

    With the iN-Command Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you'll never be left guessing about the state of your tires! Using Bluetooth technology, our sensors communicate the air pressure and temperature of each individual tire directly to your smart phone. Custom alert settings will give you a heads up before a potential blow-out.

  • Catgoss
    Catgoss wrote a new blog entry:May 6, 2020
  • John Cooper / Karen Richards
    John Cooper / Karen Richards wrote a new blog entry:March 30, 2020
  • The Hubers- On the Road to What's Next
  • Our Mobile Journey
    Our Mobile Journey wrote a new blog entry:April 24, 2019
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    • Our Mobile Journey
      EXPLOREAZ April 25, 2019 What a wonderful post!
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    • Our Mobile Journey
      Loyds April 27, 2019 Enjoyed your post.  It looks like a spot to put on my list to see.
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