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  • Chris and Gina Fox
    Chris and Gina Fox Let's Go On A Road Trip!:
    May 14Want to do it again? We do and are working on adding some tools to help on our travels to POIs. Sound interesting? Then please be looking out for the next "Virtual Road Trip" VGTG coming in June.
    But . . . This VGTG really turned out to be a great one...  more
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    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Candy and the dogs May 14 This really was a great time! I think it was my favorite next to Never Have You Ever.
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      • Chris and Gina Fox
        Chris and Gina Fox May 14 It was cool learning of favorite spots, some very unique!  But you are right NHYE was insightful and hilarious!
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Cajunville (John & Laurie) May 14 The maps are great. Looking forward to the next virtual road trip to who knows where...
      Everyone gave great sites, restaurants and quirky places to visit!
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      • Chris and Gina Fox
        Chris and Gina Fox May 14 Yes, they did.  Tell John thanks for putting the POIs on his map!
      • Chris and Gina Fox
        There's a Bear ! May 15 Quirky  is  my idea of fun !!  Give  me more !!! I must have more quirky, ok, so i went overboard , but me like quirky !!!  :-O
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Umsy (Joan Smith) May 14 The trip from Ocala to New Orleans was so much fun. Who knew there was so much to see and do along the way. I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks to everyone that contributed and especially to Chris and Gina for not only hosting but for com...  more
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    • Chris and Gina Fox
      There's a Bear ! May 14 Learned alot on this road trip !  The Fire truck  part was  cool Chris ... Up in Tipton they had a Fmc  factory , I think they made the pumps for them , not sure. They closed in the 70's.
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Susan & Richard May 15 Looking forward to that new tool your putting together.
  • Mel & Jesse - Adventure Endeavor
    Mel & Jesse - Adventure Endeavor
    June 13, 2019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSJoPQtEtMI

    Hey guys, we have a new state alert! We made it to Florida! When we started this lifestyle we planned on following the coast up to New England. We've made it pretty far! What's your longest roadtrip?
    On anoth...  more
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    • Mel & Jesse - Adventure Endeavor
      Steve & Diane June 14, 2019 Our longest road trip took over 7 years.  ;-)   (Full timers)
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