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  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Lynchburg RV Resort:
    October 19I just posted my 31st RV park review, this time a Thousand Trails resort in Central Virginia:


    #RVlife #RVpark #parkreview #Virginia #ThousandTrails #camping
    Park Review- Lynchburg RV Resort (Gladys, VA) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      Andy & Maureen T October 20 Thanks for all your info. We do try to keep track of "the good, the bad, and the ugly."
  • Michael 64
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  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Diamond Caverns RV Resort & Golf:
    October 7We just left Kentucky and I posted a four-star (out of five) RV park review from our experience there. Find out why:


    #RVlife #parkreview #campground #camping ...  more
    Park Review- Diamond Caverns RV Resort & Golf (Park City, KY) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      Ed Rairie (OCREF) October 7 Happy you enjoyed your stay in Kentucky. I have a cousin who lives back there and I love visiting Tenn, KY, WV, and Virginia. All very beautiful states to visit and enjoy!
    • TheHubers
      See spot run RV October 7 Very detailed review. I know what you mean about the narrow roads in the area. You can find that same type in several rural places. We experience several like that in TN when we explored that state earlier this year. We toured Ohio Caverns and they we...  more
  • Aron Jemison
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Shiloh on the Lake:
    September 24I'm starting to catch up on reviews of RV parks we've stayed at over the last year or so. This one, Shiloh on the Lake in Malakoff, TX, we have actually stayed in twice this year:

    www.jackhuber.com/travel-blog/park-review-shiloh-on-the-lake-mala...  more
    Park Review- Shiloh on the Lake (Malakoff, TX) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
  • Joel&Deb
    September 21The Monday Chasing RV Sunshine ☀️ video is out. In this RVing Wisconsin video we travel to Baraboo, WI. Deb’s brother’s family joins us at the campground and we hike Devil’s Lake State Park... join us for an enjoyable weekend full of fun and hiking.
    #de...  more
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  • Michael 64
    Michael 64
    September 18the Adventure Continues 👍🙏🇺🇸🗽🙃👋🐕🌏🤗🇺🇲❤😀 #love #rvlife #Camping #dogs #campingwithdogs #bella #bordercollie #2020 #kindness #compassion #empathy #faith
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  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Lake Tawakoni RV Campground:
    September 4I just posted a new RV park review, this time for the one we are leaving shortly, Lake Tawakoni RV Campground in Point, TX. We liked the park, as you will discover:


    #RVlife #par...  more
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    • TheHubers
      OkiDokiPoki September 4 Where you going next?
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    • TheHubers
      BLSMSS September 4 I just saw that park, as I was looking for parks to stay if we come south that way. I remembered you mentioning it, thanks
    • TheHubers
      Hank & Shirleen September 4 Moving south, I see! 
    • TheHubers
      Ed Rairie (OCREF) September 5 Great, that you're able to do all the traveling that you're doing. I'm supposed to be retired, lol, but I'm just enjoying whatever amount of time I'm left on this earth and just enjoy what I'm doing to much. I guess I don't want to stop.  
  • Mike & Melissa Devine
  • Mike & Melissa Devine