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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • Xplorer Jack
    Xplorer Jack
    March 15So I went looking for a DIY group, and strangely found none. I'm more into being self-sufficient (it's the Old Sailor in me), so I do my own repairs when I can. If I'm successful, this should only cost me about $40, rather than $180 to replace the whole t...  more
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    • Xplorer Jack
      Xplorer Jack March 15 I should add that nothing is leaking. The bowl still holds the small quantity of RV antifreeze i put in when I winterized, and the water valve is not leaking by when put under pressure. The flush handle is binding, and I hesitate to put too much force on ...  more
    • Xplorer Jack
      SouthParkSteve March 15 Not sure if it is the exact same as what you mean, but the RV Repair Club group has over 6000 members, and a lot of their discussions are similar to what you have mentioned: https://www.rvillage.com/group/2813/rv-repair-club Here are a coupl...  more
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      • Xplorer Jack
        Xplorer Jack March 15 Thanks for the heads-up. I just used "DIY" for my search string, so it's helpful to know where these groups are. Thanks!
  • CampingCreative
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    • CampingCreative
      JeffThorsen777 March 11 It's interesting! Thanks a lot!
  • BES Fixed Wireless 877-203-1884

    BES Fixed Wireless uses signals from one of the three major cellular carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile) to provide WiFi and wired broadband internet to your RV! BES offers plans up to 800 GB per month with no contract or credit check required. Call 877- 203-1884 to place an order today!

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