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  • Chris and Gina Fox
    Chris and Gina Fox Carousel Campout - Nobelsville IN:
    August 2Carousel Crazies!!!! Wow, what a wonderful Campout!!! We only hope that each of you enjoyed this wonderful week as much as we did! Pics don't really do justice to the amount of fun filled connections we had in Noblesville! Thank you all for attending....  more
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    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Umsy (Joan Smith) August 2 I can't remember if I've ever had that much fun with so many people about. It felt more like a family reunion with close relatives than meeting strangers because I felt that I already knew everyone there thanks to the VGTGs.
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    • Chris and Gina Fox
      There's a Bear ! August 2 ditto Umsy !! 
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Cajunville (John & Laurie) August 3 Umsy (Joan Smith)    Your statement is so true. The Carousel Campout holds so many great memories. There was lots to do and we make every minute count. Lots of laughs with great friends...
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Greg and Joni August 6 Chris and Gina did an amazing job connecting us virtually over the last year(+) then took it to another level when we all finally met in person.  The activities they planned were so much fun!!  It was an awesome campout!  Great memories and lots of laughs...  more
    • Chris and Gina Fox
      Chris and Gina Fox August 8 We agree!  It was great finally meeting in person!  Thank you all for supporting the VGTGs and then for coming to hangout in Noblesville to ride a Carousel!  Who knew we could have so much fun?  LOL
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