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  • Lanell Schramm
    Lanell Schramm
    June 28#rvillage photo challege , Our trip to Panama City Beach, FL. Our Granddaughter just turned 13 years old.
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    • Lanell Schramm
      Barry & Millie-Ambassadors June 28 Nice picture
    • Lanell Schramm
      Tony & Shari June 28 Love the ocean colors.
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      • Lanell Schramm
        Lanell Schramm June 29 It is always beautiful when we get chance to go by there.
    • Lanell Schramm
      NW Kathy B June 28 What an awesome picture.
    • Lanell Schramm
      Mark & Anneliese (Hicks At Home) June 29 Nice picture.
  • Steve r
    Steve r
    May 9#rvillage photo challange the Black Mountains Southern France
  • Doug & Jen Jones - NoFloJones
    Doug & Jen Jones - NoFloJones
    May 82 Barred Owls, sitting on a branch, 20' from the RV. I was very impressed with how the Canon 5DMk4 was able to capture this frame under very low light conditions. 1/20, f/5.6, 400mm, 12800ISO, handheld w/ slow breathing techniques at 8pm. (douglasjonespho...  more
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    • Doug & Jen Jones - NoFloJones
      Barry & Millie-Ambassadors May 8 Great picture
    • Doug & Jen Jones - NoFloJones
      BLSMSS May 8 Yes, that is a great shot.love you can see the fluff of the feathers
    • Doug & Jen Jones - NoFloJones
      Cinn May 8 (L) them! What a great shot!
  • F.Frees
    F.Frees shared The RVillager's blog. April 15Never thought this life changing day would come.
    Now that I have my 21 ft. Jayco I have to wait for the CV-19 ban to be lifted so I can sell out the household goods n back on the road..
  • Rick&Deborah Rogan
    Rick&Deborah RoganBlazing Star:
    March 3#RVillage photo #Riverwalk SanAntonio#spring in bloom
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    • Rick&Deborah Rogan
      BLSMSS March 3 We drove by your park a month ago, it looked nice
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  • Beautyshopdropout/Tara Barber
    Beautyshopdropout/Tara Barber shared Beautyshopdropout/Tara Barber 's blog. February 29A little piece I wrote about the RVillage Rally 2020...enjoy
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    • Beautyshopdropout/Tara Barber
      pokeysRVadventures February 29 What a great, well written and so accurate description of the Rally. At the right times also very funny about the happenings meeting people at the RVillage Rally! I'm sure that there are many that read this can relate  really well to all that you wro...  more
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  • TheHubers
  • Health Plans for RVers from Nomad Insurance Group!

    We know 2020 has felt like we're all playing Apocalypse Bingo but it's not all bad news. Here's some GOOD NEWS: We have scoured the earth to find the best health insurance plans for RVers that are affordable and will cover you in all 50 states whether you are 35 and running a business from the road or over 65, retired and on Medicare ($0 for you, woot woot!). Get A FREE Quote Today

  • Tony and Margie
    Tony and Margie wrote a new blog entry:September 10, 2019
  • Nomadic Warrior
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    • Nomadic Warrior
      Nomadic Warrior June 1, 2019 Thank you EXPLOREAZ for the post like!
  • Steve & Marci
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