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  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Indian Lakes RV Campground:
    Mon at 8:11 AMI just posted a new RV park review, this time about the resort we just left in Batesville, Indiana. We liked this park but there are some concerns:


    #RVpark #park...  more
    Park Review-  Indian Lakes RV Campground (Batesville, IN) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      TxDorsey & Kyle Mon at 8:30 AM We were initially told to stay in the front section of the park, which is far from nice. I'm glad we ventured further in an got a spot in one of the back sections.
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      • TheHubers
        Charlie and Marion Mon at 9:04 AM We had same issue. Came in Saturday and understandably sites were limited. They said wait until Sunday, Monday or even Tuesday to find a nicer site as sites are first come, first serve. Went to back section on Tuesday and found a site to move to, however ...  more
      • TheHubers
        TheHubers Mon at 10:31 AM In researching my TT article ( https://www.jackhuber.com/travel-blog/thousand-trails-camping-memberships-the-real-scoop ) I found out that nearly all TT parks are owned by TT, not locally.  
    • TheHubers
      KarenCharlesLilTaji Mon at 4:22 PM If you are going to review a park at least get your facts straight. This park is not open year round. They shut off the water Nov. 1st. I'm not going to go back and forth and point out every fact you have incorrect. But your review is way off on facts.
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      • TheHubers
        TheHubers Mon at 5:35 PM We just stayed there the last two weeks and I stand by my review. Their website shows they are open from 1/1 to 12/31 and did not mention water.
      • TheHubers
        KarenCharlesLilTaji Mon at 7:42 PM Might want to ask questions at the park. The website is just a vague general description. If you've been to other TT parks, you know they are all actually rather different.
      • TheHubers
        TheHubers 4 hours ago To the contrary, the Thousand Trails and RVonthego sites are filled with an abundance of info. It is a great resource. We have been members for three years and stayed in TT parks for 284 days last year.
      • TheHubers
        KarenCharlesLilTaji 1 hour ago We've been to 15 different TT/Encore/TC parks in the past year alone and noticed that the info on the website is not "set in stone" and need to ask each park for clarification. 
      • TheHubers
        TheHubers 1 hour ago If your experience has differed from ours in this park, please feel free to add your own reflections on a comment the blog page.  Really, I can only review on our own personal experiences.
      • TheHubers
        KarenCharlesLilTaji 8 minutes ago So you personally experienced this park being open year round? Lol Just saying.....
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Lake of the Springs RV Resort:
    June 18My latest RV park review has been posted. Shhh... it's about the park we're presently in (until Saturday)...


    #parkreview #travel #RVlife #RVpark #campground...  more
    Park Review- Lake of the Springs RV Resort (Oregon House, CA) - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Medina Lake RV Campground:
    May 11Oops! The title of my review said "FL" instead of "TX"... That, a couple of missing paragraphs and the link, have all been fixed now. So sorry!

    I just posted my latest RV park review, this time about the Medina Lake RV Campground in Central Texas. Thi...  more
    Park Review- Medina Lake RV Campground, Lakehills, TX - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      Parrot will travel. May 11 Just on outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona looks like some teens on bikes were being escorted off the burnt land they might have lit.
    • TheHubers
      Parrot will travel. May 11 To the Hubers quite a fight to get cover off of upright vac but eventually got it.
    • TheHubers
      RicU May 11 No problem Mr. Huber. Welcome to being human and having an information gobbling computer
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers wrote a new blog entry:April 8
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    • TheHubers
      EXPLOREAZ April 8 Always good stuff, Hubers!
    • TheHubers
      Patte M April 8 I enjoyed the blog!
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers wrote a new blog entry:February 2
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    • TheHubers
      RicU March 5 2/5 stars at $31 seems pricey but not outrageous. If you were in my community, if you could allocate the costs, it would be $15 nightly including the purchase decades ago.
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Clover Leaf Forest RV Resort:
    February 2Here's my latest RV park review, this time about our stay in Brooksville, FL:


    #parkreview #rvlife #campground #camping #rvpark...  more
    Park Review- Clover Leaf Forest RV Resort, Brooksville, FL - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      Marvin & Patricia February 2 Are you coming on over to  Lakeland to the FMCA-SEA Rally?
    • TheHubers
      BLSMSS February 2 My brother lives in Brooksville, don’t remember that park. Thank you for info on it
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina:
    December 3, 2019I just posted a new park review, this time one in the Florida Keys. Add your two cents by making comments on the page...


    #rvpark #parkreview #Florida #KeyWe...  more
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    • TheHubers
      Steve r December 4, 2019 Nice review. E had visited the Keys back in the 80s with our kids for Christmas . We also celebrated New Years on Whites Pier in Key West. Great time. 
  • TheHubers
    TheHubers Live Oak - Edisto Beach State Park:
    October 21, 2019I just posted a new RV park review, the campground we just left in South Carolina:
    #RVlife #parkreview #camping #campground #RVpark...  more
    Park Review- Edisto Beach State Park Live Oak Campground, Edisto Island, SC - JACK HUBER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FULL-TIME RV'ER
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    • TheHubers
      Kebamo October 22, 2019 Hey Jack did you know live oak trees stay green all winter long
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