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  • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
    Denise Vajdak | NativTxn THE RIVETED FOX COMMUNITY:
    June 17At Lake Somerville (TX) for the weekend. So quiet and peaceful tonight. The lake is up a bit from normal. #weRVhere #solotrip
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    • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
      Chris and Gina Fox June 19 Hope you have fun!  Looks so relaxing and we could use a few day of that now!
    • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
      Jon Schoemann June 19 Looks great. Enjoy!
    • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
      Denise Vajdak | NativTxn June 22 I added a YouTube video to the blog post about this weekend. I put the hashtag in the video on this picture. https://www.denisevajdak.com/2021/06/camping-on-fathers-day-weekend.html
    • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
      LeebMoore June 22 Looks lovely! Can y'all send some of that water down here to El Paso?
    • Denise Vajdak | NativTxn
      Denise Vajdak | NativTxn June 22 Sure. We got another few inches last night all of a sudden in a flash(es) of light. ⛈
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