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  • Jerry & Jo Ellen Brewster
    Jerry & Jo Ellen Brewster Newmar Owners:
    November 12, 2017Has anyone found a way to add a “security system” to a Newmar door frame? I’d like to have a door alarm that activates when the that main door is opened. We already have the trusty alarm dog, the soda cans with pennys etc...and would still like that added...  more
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    • Jerry & Jo Ellen Brewster
      Russell & Linda November 13, 2017 We put some of those magnetic alarms on back door in toyhauler. But an alarm professional would have something suitable
    • Jerry & Jo Ellen Brewster
      Jerry & Jo Ellen Brewster November 16, 2017 After some research, I found that GE makes a small alarm that fits perfectly with a bit of care in mounting. It offers an instant alarm while we’re inside and a 45 second delay when we leave. It’s about $10 on Amazon and it’s LOUD! After a neighbor in the...  more
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