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    Summer’s Gone in a Flash | Buy 2 Nights, Get 3rd FREE! Valid on new reservations at participating resorts on daily Tent and RV Sites stays or Vacation Rentals. Subject to space availability. Valid on stays at Canadian resorts between 8/17/18 – 9/30/18 and U.S. resorts between 8/1/18 – 9/30/18. Offer not valid over Labor Day Weekend (8/31/18 – 9/3/18). Must be a consecutive 3-night stay. Maximum 6-night stay. This promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts/offers. Additional fees and taxes may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply. Offer expires 8/5/18.

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  • Tricksie2645
    Chuck I just read/saw your latest post and I agree with what you are saying. My mom was a full-timer for almost 25 years and I couldn't wait to follow (literally) in her footsteps. Either my memory is bad (possible) or things are much different now. Ev...  more
    • November 26, 2017
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    • Tricksie2645
      RV Travel Tricksie, All good observations. Yes, where are all those huge numbers of new RVer going to stay in the year and years ahead? It's a real problem that isn't being discussed anywhere but on We'll continue to do what we can to get people talki...  more Hide 2 Replies
      • Tricksie2645
        JR &Pam Why do I think Marcus Lemonis will see a need and fill it?
      • Tricksie2645
        Alpenliter In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Andrew Carnegie, through his foundation and the cooperation of townships, built over 2,500 libraries, many of which still operate today.  While Marcus Lemonis doesn't have near the funds that Carnegie had, you would...  more
    • Tricksie2645
      xctraveler The intriguing thing about your question is that economics actually works. If the demand is there entrepreneurs will step forward to meet the demand. Prices will rise, as witness current trends, and at some point it will become more attractive to build a...  more
    • Tricksie2645
      SouthParkSteve RVTravel--one extremely important thing missing from your article is the other side of the equation.  Yes, there have been a record number of new sales (which, personally I think is a GOOD thing....), but how many older rigs have fallen apart, been s...  more Hide 1 Reply
      • Tricksie2645
        Liz Wharton & Barbara Jording I think there are parts of most states in which each yard averages one to two dead (really dead) RVs. We saw places with 5 and 6 RVs listing off into the weeds. Everywhere we went on our 4.5 month sojourn we saw hundreds of used RVs for sale - sitting unu...  more
    • Tricksie2645
      Mark Elliott You are correct sir! The net increase is what matters most so information on this metric would be very enlightening. Of course the changing number of available camp sites is the other side of the equation but given the quality of RV's being manufactured t...  more Hide 1 Reply
      • Tricksie2645
        Liz Wharton & Barbara Jording You're right, Mark. I would make one addendum... the average stay on the repair shop lot or in repair in general, of a new RV of any type is 180 days per year.  That's 180 days the folks who want to use their RV can not use them.