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  • Mrtravelinman48
    Mrtravelinman48Quartzsite Shenanigans!!:
    December 20, 2017Anyone disgusted with the QZ post office can send a complaint to the USPS using this link:

    With Reuben working by himself most of the time and being closed an hour for lunch it is only ...  more
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    • Mrtravelinman48
      Kepouros December 21, 2017 Are they unwilling to take general delivery?
    • Mrtravelinman48
      FPOOLE (Roaming ROG) December 21, 2017 Yah, they're not "RV Friendly" at all.  Been that way ever since I've been here, 3 yrs.  While it might have changed, Gen Del is only for 30-days or something like that.  You can get a Box at a different location.  I use "Quiet Times" ...  more
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