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  • Rich and Sherri
    Rich and SherriQuartzsite Shenanigans!!:
    January 25, 2018Hi y'all!! We will be arriving in Quartzite in a couple weeks to boondock at Dome Rock and we need to receive some important mail. Is there a place where we can purchase a box or a general delivery for us to receive a one time delivery of mail? Thank you ...  more
    • Rich and Sherri
      K10 Deployment Unit January 29, 2018 Quiet Times,  90 E Main, Quartzsite, AZ 85346,  (928) 927-8081. It is for a fee and you should contact them for details because the delivery address must me exact. We have used them and it is a very good service.  Hav...  more
    • Rich and Sherri
      Don & Bonnie January 29, 2018 The post office accepts general delivery. The pickup time is from 12 to 1 pm week days. There gets to be quite a lineup so get there early
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    The self-closing design on the R.V Bug Stop keeps the slider on the R.Vs screen door closed. Installation is simple and requires no tools. just pull off the film from the tape and attach it to the horizontal rail under the slider. no more yelling at someone for leaving the slider open. with no bugs coming in you can sit back and relax thanks to the R. V. Bug Stop.