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  • Olga & Mike Yevich
    Olga & Mike YevichRVtravel:
    January 13Heading east to NY from Phoenix soon in our 36' Allegro with toad and want to avoid the steep incline of 17 North to catch I40 in Flagstaff. Other than I10 east to I25 north to I40, does anyone have a recommendation (hopefully this route is less "steep")....  more
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    • Olga & Mike Yevich
      Lynda & Mike Micikas January 13 better check weather because I40 runs thru Alburque and NM just got a lot of snow and gets below freezing their
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    • Olga & Mike Yevich
      Ray Zimmermann January 13 I always take Highway 87 through Payson and then 260 and 177 to hit I-40 at Holbrook. There are some steep grades on 87 but overall distance is shorter. And again, check the weather before you go. Other than that I think your only other option is I-10 to I-25.
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    • Olga & Mike Yevich
      Gone_Feral January 13 I don't know why anyone would want to travel east on 40 this time of year. It's a dangerous route through brutal winter terrain. Go south and you will miss all of that.
    • Olga & Mike Yevich
      xctraveler January 13 Campgrounds in the Northeast don't even start opening until mid April. There are some "all weather" campgrounds, but very few. Be aware that snow and freezing weather are possible through March and into April on I 40 through OK and on to NY. We have drive...  more
    • Olga & Mike Yevich
      Lynda & Mike Micikas January 26 not to bad, other the drop down to i think snake river than back up, only about 5 miles