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  • Kebamo (Chef Karl)
    Kebamo (Chef Karl) Recipes:
    February 22, 2019Instant Pot Cooking Differences | How To Adjust For Size Differences

    General information about Instant Pot size differences 
    Let’s start out with some general information about Instant Pot wattage, diameters, and elevation.

    Instant Pot Wattage for 3 qt,...  more
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  • Aqua-Hot ‖ 125 Series

    The 125 was built to bring the luxury of hydronic heating to Class B camper vans. Diesel or gasoline models available that are high altitude capable up to 16,000 feet – ideal for off grid camping with the option to use electric elements when shore power is available. Get heat where you want it and hot water when you need it anywhere the road takes you!