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  • Lanky007
    Lanky007 Workamper News:
    May 11, 2019Hubby and I just completed 2 months of volunteering at Pocahontas State Park in Virginia. One month as camp hosts and the second month as park hosts. We would definitely recommend this park as a work camper gig. There is a wonderful staff to work with and...  more
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    • Lanky007
      The Wandering Resister (formerly Greatpuck) May 11, 2019 That sounds like a good opportunity. Do you happen yo know if tyhey take single workampers? Thanks.
    • Lanky007
      K&R Miller May 11, 2019 I've been volunteering at Green River State Park, Utah, since March, will end May 30.  My title is "Volunteer Ranger", my cart says "Camp Host", and my job is whatever might required that day.  I'll do this again!
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      • Lanky007
        Carla Jackson-Wilson May 14, 2019 Just went through Green River, UT, with my rig attached to a tow truck headed to Grand Junction, CO, to get it fixed.
    • Lanky007
      Tommy and Teresa May 11, 2019 We met with staff at the park to discuss hosting. How did you have time to see the sites ? They implied we be at the park for 60-70 hrs to work 30. They offered Tuesday off?
    • Lanky007
      Peter & Judy C. May 11, 2019 We stayed at this park a few years ago and it is a wonderful place.
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