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  • WeMustRV
    WeMustRV RV Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration:
    May 13, 2019I recently had my Dometic Fridge fail on thefirst leg of our trip to Florida. After much study I decided to to put in a resi fridge. I removed the Dometic New dimensions 12 cubic foot and installed a Kenmore Elite 22 cubic foot. In the process I had to...  more
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    • WeMustRV
      Bandit455 May 13, 2019 I am considering going this route myself. Are you running this off of an inverter or strictly AC power?
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      • WeMustRV
        WeMustRV May 13, 2019 I have a purchased an additional 3500w pure sine wave inverter And auto transfer switch dedicate to fridge. This will be used when running down the road or when boondocking. The inverter has solar capabilities as well. Solar will no be used yet. I am stil...  more
    • WeMustRV
      John & Diana May 13, 2019 Looks great and the woodwork is done very well. (Sub woofer under the fridge?)
      Drawers are always useful.
      Hope you had some extra muscle loading into trailer.
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