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  • De Anna Ranton
    De Anna RantonWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    May 18, 2019Lessons learned from riding out an EF1 Tornado in a 23 foot travel trailer:
    1) Keep the cabinet near the door for items you need to grab in an emergency.
    2) Keep pet leases near the door, and a muzzle for dogs that are too large for crates
    3) Keep all med...  more
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    • De Anna Ranton
      LarandSus May 18, 2019 Thank you, those are all very good tips.
    • De Anna Ranton
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) May 18, 2019 Thanks for sharing this, especially as we are now in tornado season, and hurricane season is just around the corner. I Have seen/head similar suggestions in several different RV safety seminars, including the fire safety ones that Ma...  more
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      • De Anna Ranton
        De Anna Ranton May 18, 2019 You are so right.  Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and being somewhat prepared came make tough situations so much easier to deal with.  I talk about muzzles for dogs. I don’t normally do that, but in cramped circumstances with cats and...  more
      • De Anna Ranton
        LarandSus May 18, 2019 Our ditch out bags are now ready and at the door.
    • De Anna Ranton
      toewillie May 18, 2019 Glad you are safe
    • De Anna Ranton
      Mike and Donna Wagner May 18, 2019 Thanks for sharing these common sense precautions. I’m glad to read that you’re safe. It must have been terrifying. ~Donna
    • De Anna Ranton
      John And Debbie Maxson May 19, 2019 So true we have a ditch bag on the boat. But will now put one together for the RV. Thanks for the reminder
    • De Anna Ranton
      OurMobileBackPack May 19, 2019  Glad to hear you are safe. We are now putting a ditch out bag together.
    • De Anna Ranton
      Gerald & Phyllis May 19, 2019 Good information. Thanks.
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