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  • James & Sandy
    James & SandyNew RVillagers Group!:
    May 24, 2019I Probably have a stupid question but here it is anyway.
    Can you run your onboard generator while driving down the road?
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    • James & Sandy
      Tommy & Sandy T May 24, 2019 Absolutely! We run an A/C to keep coach cooler for the dogs when it is hot outside as the front dash air doesn’t do it.
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      • James & Sandy
        SCOOTER May 24, 2019 There is nothing like going down the road in a cool RV with the AC blasting that air. You have a sweater on so's not to get too chilled. Copilot started dinner in the slow cooker, at lunchtime she sets it in the sink, makes you want to stop early with the...  more
    • James & Sandy
      Hank & Shirleen May 24, 2019 It is said it is cheaper and better to run your generator then run your dash air. The dash air puts quite a load on your engine! It is also good to run run your generator at least once a week with a load on it for an hour! Why not enjoy it on while you ar...  more
    • James & Sandy
      andrew &peg monaghan May 25, 2019 yes you can run it I do it sometime to keep the inside cool while driving
    • James & Sandy
      Debbie Lockey May 25, 2019 We run our genertor in the fifth wheel while going along. That keeps the cats cool and it's not so hot when we stop for the day.
    • James & Sandy
      Tommy and Teresa May 25, 2019 Yes.  It is the time we exercise our generator each month.  
    • James & Sandy
      Susan & Richard May 25, 2019 Absolutely. If you turn it on and cool down the interior of the RV before you reach your destination, it sure makes the evening more pleasant.  We have also used it when the outside temps are really high, so we can turn off the dash air.  
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