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  • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
    Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    June 10, 2019RV inspection service—Is there such a thing?

    When I bought my home, I had a home inspector go through it. The last time I bought a used truck, I carried it to a local mechanic and let them vet it. Is there such a service for used RV’s?
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    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      COmedlin (Steve & Karen) June 10, 2019 NRVIA has RV inspectors.
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      Andy & Maureen T June 10, 2019 Yes, there are RV inspection companies out there.
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      LionRampant June 10, 2019 Here's where to find info about RV inspectors/inspections.
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      Susan Cnett June 10, 2019 Be sure to ask how many inspections the inspector has actually done. You want to be sure the person has experience and not just a piece of paper.  We couldn't find an inspector near where we were purchasing our RV so w...  more
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      • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
        Mike and Donna Wagner June 10, 2019 For many of us trying to avoid Facebook it is very helpful for us RVers to use the Groups here on RVillage for your brand of RV and if one doesn’t yet exist (hard to believe with over 3,000 groups), you can always create one. ~Donna
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      Travelinlady June 10, 2019 When we bought or used rv we purchased a warranty so they had someone come and inspect it before we bought it. The salesman wasn't happy because we didn't buy there warranty and we wouldn't sign until our was inspected.
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      Solo Joe June 10, 2019 NRVIA was created by the owner of workamper news for another revenue stream. I can't speak to the abilities of the newly certified inspectors but it reminds me of the boot camps for various computer certifications.
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      Jenskifer | GlutenFreeRV June 10, 2019 there are inspectors out there with and without certifications... i think experience is more important to me than certifications, but they're a good place to start. you might also call mobile RV repair services and see if they have anyone on staff (though...  more
    • Norman Garvin Hicks Sr.
      JChhz July 28, 2019  put in your zip code and it will give you a licensed inspector in your area
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