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  • Paul and Anna Manzella
    Paul and Anna ManzellaWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    June 14, 2019Hi good evening. Been RV ing for about 3 years and when I’m not on the road, I store my class C in a pole barn that gets the western Florida sun most of the remaining day. My wipers were sticking to the glass. So besides covering the overhang and windshie...  more
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    • Paul and Anna Manzella
      Jim & Jan Grabe June 14, 2019 We use tennis balls on the base part to keep the rubber part off the windows.
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    • Paul and Anna Manzella
      Jim & Jan Grabe June 14, 2019 We sometimes also put loose leather covers over the blades,  Thanks for posting your tips to the group!
    • Paul and Anna Manzella
      hmpotvin June 14, 2019 Before covering the motorhome for the winter, I remove the wipers and hang them in the garage then rub them down with alcohol before mounting them again.
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    • Paul and Anna Manzella
      DoggyDaddy June 14, 2019 You can always put something across a side of the pole barn. Hang painters canvas, tarp, etc w/C cuts for wind or sun screen material to defuse the sunlight like used on edge of awnings.
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      • Paul and Anna Manzella
        Paul and Anna Manzella June 15, 2019 Thanks. I did before Hurricane Michael ripped them off. I still need to replace them. Luckily I still have a pole barn. It’s just leans to the right a bit 😂😂😂
    • Paul and Anna Manzella
      Ray & Ann June 15, 2019 You are all over thinking this! I take the blades off and lay them on the drivers seat so I don't hit the road with them off or have the auto wipe scratch the windshield
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