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  • djsroadtrip
    djsroadtrip RV Repair Club:
    June 22, 2019Recently bought a 2007 Host Yellowstone 11.5' cabover camper that has an Onan 2.5 propane generator. It reworked just fine 1st month or so and all of a sudden, when I turn on the AC, it kills the motor everytime. It only had 44 hours on it when bought and...  more
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    • djsroadtrip
      Jim & Sharon Ham June 22, 2019 For the 12 hours of operation since you owned it, how big was the load?  Did it previously carry the AC load?  Since the RV is new to you, have you refilled the propane tank to make sure it is full?   ...  more
    • djsroadtrip
      Steve C 238 June 22, 2019 I also have one, same 2.5.  You might start by checking the oil level as it won't start if the level is low.   Also, check the air filter as it may be clogged and not allowing enough air to pass.
    • djsroadtrip
      The Shipp ( Susan and David ) June 23, 2019 I would start by finding if the AC works when plugged into shoreline! Then would check voltage at the generator before and after the AC kicks on!
    • djsroadtrip
      Pat and Tony June 23, 2019 Happened to me once and was solved by checking the circuit breakers on the gen. One had tripped so I had power for light loads but when I tried the AC, it would shut down the gen. Good luck.
    • djsroadtrip
      Michael & Dena June 24, 2019 There is a circuit board in the generator not often but I have seen them go bad and some times taking it out and cleaning all the contacts with contact cleaner and a small brush is all it needs 
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