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  • Millicent
    MillicentFull Time RVers:
    October 9, 2019Going to get down to 31 over night this weekend, 50’s during the day. Then we’re off to Florida next week. Am I ok as to winterizing? Will have furnace running
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    • Millicent
      John & Diana October 9, 2019 Depends on how long the freeze will last. I put a 100 watt light bulb in a droplight  into the utility bay for short term protection. Just enough heat to keep my tiny waterlines from freezing. If you won't be using your RV for ...  more
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      • Millicent
        Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) October 9, 2019 That needs to be a real 100 watt light bulb, not an LED or compact fluorescent equivalent.   Alternative is Wal-mart sells a 250 watt space heater (called a personal heater) and Amazon has similar ones for under $20 each, Brands are Solell (Wal-...  more
      • Millicent
        John & Diana October 9, 2019 Yes it needs to be an incandescent bulb for heat.
        I would not feel safe with a space heater. Might melt something or worse.
      • Millicent
        Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) October 9, 2019 I have seen 12 volt light bulbs burn through plastic, so I am not sure a 100 watt bulb is really that safe.  Myself I use the 250 watt heater with a thermostatically controlled outlet, so it only comes on when it gets to freezing and shuts off a few ...  more
    • Millicent
      Barry & Millie-Ambassadors October 9, 2019 you should be fine
    • Millicent
      Michael&Marilyn October 9, 2019 Your profile says you have a Forza. Don't worry about it. I live in Colorado and never winterize. It sits in a garage but frequenty gets below freezing. Just keep the furnace on.
    • Millicent
      LarandSus October 9, 2019 Even in Florida we've gotten a bit below freezing for short periods of time and been fine.
    • Millicent
      Packratphyls October 9, 2019 We are in Maine and we had 3-4 nights it was down to 29-25 and 60’s in day time we had no problem.
    • Millicent
      Brian & Terry October 9, 2019 You have no risk unless the temp is continuously below freezing for 24hrs or more.  Going down overnight with temps above freezing during the day does not require winterizing.
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