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  • Charliegirl
    CharliegirlNew RVillagers Group!:
    October 26, 2019Hey y’all. I’m still a wannabe but learning so much! I want to buy an RV by next fall and start taking some trips to get the feel of everything before I sell the house. I also need to figure out how to work from the road. It’ll all work out, I’m sure. :-)
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    • Charliegirl
      The Queen and I October 26, 2019 Rent something you think you like, to see if you like it as much as you think or would like something else after all. When you’re sure of what you like, buy something used, but 2 or 3 years old. Let someone else take the largest part of the d...  more
    • Charliegirl
      RICHDR October 26, 2019 Welcome! I became a full timer Aug 1st. Spent a week at the Oregon coast to flush out any bugs (all was well). Left Oregon early September and now in Wheeling, WVa til after Thanksgiving. So far I'm having a blast!
    • Charliegirl
      Terry & Donna Schroeder October 26, 2019 Welcome! Enjoy the exploration process as you decide what fits you best. We looked for over a year before we decided.
    • Charliegirl
      KurtO October 26, 2019 There are things to do on the road. Pm if you want ideas. Kurt
    • Charliegirl
      jimmyt sanders October 26, 2019 if you want it  it will work out.let me no if i can help.
    • Charliegirl
      Steve/Aileen Plew October 26, 2019 Attend RV shows, look at the different models. We spent a lot of time in all kinds of RVs. Took 9 months on RV trader and looked at used Class As Diesel pushers. We lived in Indiana at the time and found our dream coach in Montgomery, AL. at Marlin Ingr...  more
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      • Charliegirl
        Charliegirl October 27, 2019 Thanks! Theres a big show in Birmingham in February. I already have a ticket! I’ve been to a couple of local dealerships to look around. It’s so much fun!
      • Charliegirl
        Charliegirl October 27, 2019 Thanks! I’ll look up Marlin Ingram. That’s not too far for a Saturday drive.
    • Charliegirl
      Packratphyls October 26, 2019 You are on right track! Take your time maybe rent out home for 6 months lease to make sure it’s what you can handle. Check out used ones and have a Rv inspector check it thoroughly before buying. Beware of salesmen who know nothing about full time rving...  more
    • Charliegirl
      Judy from Hawaii October 27, 2019 If you are wanting to go FULL TIME, you have to consider doing boon-docking or staying in an RV Park. Most full timers FOLLOW THE WEATHER. Heading South (Arizona, New Mexico, etc.) Then heading North (Washington, Oregon, Montanta, etc.) You have to decide...  more
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      • Charliegirl
        Charliegirl October 27, 2019 Thanks Judy! There is an awful lot to consider, for sure. I was a backpacker in much younger days, so boondocking sounds like the grownup version of that. 😁 I applied for a seasonal job driving a tour bus for HAP in Alaska a couple of years ago but just c...  more
    • Charliegirl
      Gary anf Alyssa October 27, 2019 Also a wannabe retirement tired of house want to do some travel or find new home base away from cold.
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