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  • Jcherni
    JcherniNew RVillagers Group:
    November 4, 2019I would like to hear how all you people who are already out there do your laundry? I'm assuming laundromats are not in the RV parks unless you are at a fancy one.... Which I won't be going to. Lol
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    • Jcherni
      Gene Meyer November 4, 2019 Most rv parks have laundromats
    • Jcherni
      Marie n Rick November 4, 2019 we've stayed in some very cheap maybe should say inexpensive parks and I cant recall any that didn't have washer dryer. you should not have a problem.
    • Jcherni
      Jcherni November 4, 2019 Wow, ok was not expecting that. Thanks
    • Jcherni
      Sandy Fuoss November 4, 2019 I have a small washer/spinner that fits in my shower. I'd send you a pic of it but I'm not at home till tomorrow evening. Otherwise go on marketplace in Facebook and type in small washers/spinner. Oh I have a lundary rack I hang my clothes on. Or I hang t...  more
    • Jcherni
      Trailerite November 4, 2019 Even most state and provincial parks have at least a couple of machines. We usually use laundromats, sometimes even stopping with our travel trailer while relocating. We look them up in Google or spot them in shopping centers. We're at a very nice park...  more
    • Jcherni
      beyondskp November 4, 2019 Most towns of any considerable size have a laundromat.  I don't do RV parks much and I rarely have trouble finding a laundromat when I need one.
    • Jcherni
      Mike123 November 4, 2019 Have my own stackable washing machine/dryer 
    • Jcherni
      The Queen and I November 5, 2019 A campground need not be a top resort to have laundry facilities. They just aren’t guaranteed. You can use that as a criterion when looking for where to go. Many times you’ll need to go to the office for quarters. Some places will let you hang clothes, bu...  more
    • Jcherni
      Travelin’ Gran March 4 First, watch what you pack. Make sure it’s easy wash and wear. Layers are best. When I can’t access a laundry mat, or even when I can, I always travel with a drying rack that folds up under the bed. It free stands outside and inside. Small items can wash ...  more
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