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  • Kyrila
    KyrilaSolar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    November 7, 2019I'm shopping for my first solar power system and finding good deals on everything except the batteries. I can easily afford the Renogy 400w/12v Monocrystalline panels, and it includes a basic charge controller, but the charge controller doesn't have a di...  more
    • Kyrila
      charles formby November 7, 2019 Yes, up grade, pure sine is always better for certain equipment. Best batteries , 2 or 4 . Room carry is important.
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      • Kyrila
        Kyrila November 7, 2019 What does "room carry" mean?   And are two batteries enough?  It would take me months to afford just one. And do I need the digital display on the controller or the voltage sensing relay?  I already know that the Pure Sine Wave is best...  more
      • Kyrila
        charles formby November 7, 2019 Most RV s, have enough room for 2 batteries, larger 40 footers desiel have 4 or more.
        My 5th wheel only 2, but I do have room for more, in the basement. Or just carry in the back bed of the truck, just saying, make it work.
    • Kyrila
      Dave and Terry Clayton November 7, 2019 Make sure that the solar controller is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) type and not Pulse Width Modultation (PWM) type.  The PWM throws away some power in the process.  I would buy a solar controller that has the ability to add a readout (...  more
    • Kyrila
      JLF November 7, 2019 Assuming 5 hours of good sun per day each set of 400 watt panels will produce 2000 watt-hours or 167 amp-hours per day at 12 volts. After some charging loss we could assume around 150 for round figures.  This would be the max that you would be able t...  more
    • Kyrila
      John T November 7, 2019 Kyrila, lots of good questions, here's my engineers take based on a ton of real world experience dry camping with solar:   …    "I can easily afford the Renogy 400w/12v Monocrystalline panels, and it includ...  more
    • Kyrila
      Jeff and Sandra Doan November 9, 2019 I understand being on a budget! My solar system started with four 100w panels and a MPPT controller ($650), mounted on a homemade pivoting frame. A solar tracking system ($115), and four 105Ahr lead acid batteries ($99 at O'Reilly's Auto Parts). I added a...  more
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