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  • RVillage RVoices
    RVillage RVoices Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    November 22, 2019What other acronyms & terms can you add to this list?
    The RVillagers Ultimate Guide to RV Terminology — All Those Wacky Acronyms!
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    • RVillage RVoices
      SouthParkSteve November 22, 2019 One that I had to look up recently was "ERPU lot".  It stands for "Escapees Rainbow Parks Unlimited"......
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    • RVillage RVoices
      LarandSus November 22, 2019 DP Diesel Pusher
    • RVillage RVoices
      David (WD5RGW) & Pam Spencer November 22, 2019 OTDA=Over The Door Awning
    • RVillage RVoices
      John & Diana November 23, 2019 WDITT= Why Didn't I Think of That
    • RVillage RVoices
      SACnFrau November 23, 2019 OTA = Over the Air
      WiFi = Wireless Fidelity
    • RVillage RVoices
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) November 23, 2019 MH = MotorHome
      TT = Travel Trailer
      OTR = Over-The-Road
      GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
      GAWR = Gross Axle Weight Rating
      GCWR = Gross Combined Weight Rating
      UBW = Unit Base Weight
    • RVillage RVoices
      Cinn November 24, 2019 “Porpoising” = front to rear bounce; the front hits a bump, then rear hits the bump, and they both bounce independently of each other! Usually solved by new shocks and/or sumo springs in the rear.
    • RVillage RVoices
      David (WD5RGW) & Pam Spencer November 27, 2019 Found another, FHU= Full Hookups
    • RVillage RVoices
      LarandSus November 27, 2019 Some of these "additions" were already on the list in the original post here. We're meant to check it first then add to it.
    • RVillage RVoices
      TravelOn! December 11, 2019 How about adding
      --A-frame camper -- A lightweight, towable, hard-sided (roof panels and side walls) pop-up camper.
      --Pop-up camper -- A lightweight, towable camper with canvas sides and a hard center roof panel.
    • RVillage RVoices
      Randy & Linda B December 12, 2019 Thanks for the acronym list but nobody will think “WTF” is “We tried to fix it” as stated in the article. You will likely be misunderstood if you try to use “WTF” in that fashion. Even in the RV world WTF will be understood as “What the F**k”. Jus...  more
    • RVillage RVoices
      Lildebbiecakes63 December 12, 2019 Tongue weight?
      Tear Drop?
    Read more from Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks Group
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